History of Floricanto
Over the years, we have come to specialize in artistic collaborations, some of the most memorable have been:

Alma Llanera/Spirit of the Plains (2009) - A two hour dance production based on Rudolfo Anaya's novel, Bless Me Ultima, which deals with (Antonio) a young boy's rite of passage into manhood, the straddling of two cultures and the importance of the values that span across our cultural divide. Choreography by Gema Sandoval and performance by her company blend the vocabulary of traditional Mexican folk dance-indigenous, African influenced with contemporary expressions. Danza Floricanto/USA brings to the stage a vibrant dance rendition of a boy's coming of age story. The work is scheduled to premiere at the Armory for the Arts in Pasadena on May 7, 2010.

Un Zapateado Chicano-Rhythmic Footprints (2007) - Funded by the Irvine Foundation's From Creation to Performance and the National Latino Arts and Culture Fellowships, in Un Zapateado Chicano Rhythmic Footprints Gema Sandoval's 18-member company — with music direction and original music by Cesar Castro — takes the audience on a thrilling exploration of the music and dance of Veracruz from the folkloric beginnings to contemporary Chicano life. The work premiered at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in October, 2007.

Fandango Without Borders (2004) - Funded by NEFA's National Dance Project, celebrates the dance and music inspired by the music from Veracruz, Mexico, and the strongest influence of the contemporary Chicano sound. Originally presented at the Ford Amphitheatre, this was a collaboration with Chicano band music sensation Quetzal. The project was reprised in the Spring '05 in Seattle's Washington University and at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in Los Angeles.

From Acapulco to Manila - A Story from the Pacific Rim (2002, 03) - A collaboration with Kayamanan Ng Lahi Philippine Dance company on a two evening extravaganza commemorating the musical and dance traditions of the Mexican and Philippino people and their mutual influence and transformation through two centuries of trade with Spanish galleons.

Bilingual Foundation of the Arts (2000, 01, 03) - Floricanto partnered with the BFA in their adaptation of the film Salon Mexico in September, 2001. The play won critical acclaim from the Spanish speaking media. This was followed by the also critically acclaimed Solamente Una Vez-The Story of Agustín Lara.

Latino LA (2000) - A full evening dance production based on the history and accomplishments of Latinos in Southern California. Invited guests were dance companies from the Salvadorian, Bolivian, Peruvian Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan communities. The evening was the beginning of Floricanto's 25th anniversary celebration at the Ford Amphitheatre

Mothers and Daughters (1999) - A work about the process of passing on culture and tradition and making it part of the artistic vision and inspiration for the next generation, presented at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in CSULA. For this performance Floricanto acted as producer and shared the stage with Lula Washington & Dancers, Dulce Capadocia's Silayan Dance Company, and Anjani's Kathak Dances of India.

Si Se Puede/Yes You Can (1998) - A collaboration with Loretta Livingston on a themed work based on the speeches by Cesar Chavez, at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex, in Los Angeles. One of the pieces of the program, The Promise, was selected for performance at the prestigious Los Angeles Kaleidoscope Dance Festival in July, 1988 and again in July 2000. The whole program was named one of the ten best dance productions of 1998 by the LA WEEKLY.

The Aguiia Real Project (1996, 98) - A multidisciplinary collaboration with Mexican artists. Angelica Aragon and Roberto D'Amico premiered in Los Angeles, in 1996, and toured Washington D.C.

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