Danza Floricanto/USA, founded in 1975, is the oldest existing professional Mexican folk dance troupe in Southern California. From Aztec rituals to the vibrant fiestas of today's Jalisco, from the African influenced tropics of Veracruz to the conflictive realities of the Chicano experience, Danza Floricanto/USA presents the bold, colorful panorama of its Mexican heritage as it interacts with its American reality.

Danza Floricanto/USA, under the direction of Gema Sandoval, has recreated the movement, costume, and song of 17 different regions of Mexico, and countless works on the Chicano experience which celebrate cultural identity for the Chicano/Latino community and the immigrant experience for the rest of America.

This award-winning, 40 year old company, has been enthusiastically received on tour throughout California and the American Southwest. Its mission is to preserve the Mexican culture, help validate it as a cultural expression of the Chicano/Latino people in the American Southwest; to create awareness for it through the medium of music and dance; and to explore ways in which it can connect with mainstream American culture.

Floricanto does this in several ways: By touring full concert presentations throughout the United States, conducting workshops, lecture demonstrations, educational assemblies and residencies, seeking partnerships with like organizations of other ethnicities and art forms and by providing after-school alternatives through Mexican folk and Chicano dance for the youth in our immediate community.

Nestled in the City Terrace neighborhood of East Los Angeles, The Floricanto Center for the Performing Arts offers its audiences affordable, family programming with a Latino/Chicano perspective and a focus on dance.

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